• Competition

    Pandemic Garden Projects
    We're on the hunt for the best pandemic garden project in Victoria. COMPETITION ENDS 5PM 30 NOVEMBER 2020.
  • Plant of the week

    The beautiful old fashioned hydrangea which can produce fabulous clusters of pink, blue, purple, green, red or white flowers, even in the shade!
  • Photo Theme of the Month

    Birds in the Garden
    Let's celebrate the joy birds bring! Send us photos of birds in your garden or local parks and we'll share them on social media.
  • Video Tours

    'Green City' Productive Backyard Series
    Our 'Green City' video tours take you over the back fence to see some seriously productive backyards for ideas on growing food from your own garden!
  • Kids' Corner

    Kokedama balls - Activity, and Scarecrow Competition
    Have lots and lots of fun with this one. Who can make the most creative scarecrow? Send a picture of yours!
  • Instagram live recording

    'A walk in the garden' with Virginia Heywood
    Join us for the Instagram tour of Virginia Heywood's gardens in the Dandenongs.