• Competition

    Passion for perennials competition
    Are you passionate about your perennials? We’d love to see them, beautiful groupings, rare, or gorgeous colour combos, ornamentals!
  • Photo theme of the month

    Autumn colour
    Autumn presents a stunningly exotic colour palette with soft and rich oranges, vivid reds, browns, greens, yellows. What can you see?
  • Kids_corner

    Create a bee friendly garden!
    Bees are truly amazing, they produce honey, which we eat, they pollinate our flowers, read on for some fun facts to start you off.
  • Instagram live recording

    Roberta Shaw shares her inner city Fitzroy garden
    Stephen joins Roberta at her innercity Fitzroy garden. It's all done with pots, kindness and perseverence.
  • Plant of the month

    Beautiful pansies bring colour to the cooler months. So colourful, prolific, pretty, versatile, cheery delicate and more...