• Competition - June and July

    Terrariums, or tiny plant ecosystems built in a bottle or other glass container, enjoyed as low-maintenance indoor gardens. Send us a photo of yours!
  • Photo theme of the month

    Winter gardens
    The beauty of a winter garden, the cold soil that our winter crops love, with some added sunshine. Can you capture this?
  • Kids corner

    Native bee habitat
    Would you like to live with bees? They like to live in soil, burrows in rotting wood, clay soil, plant stems and rotting wood. No I didn't think so!
  • Instagram live recording

    Roberta Shaw shares her inner city Fitzroy garden
    Stephen joins Roberta at her innercity Fitzroy garden. It's all done with pots, kindness and perseverence.
  • Plant of the month

    Ornamental pear
    A landscaping dream, with a pretty spring show of blossoms bursting from plump hairy buds, their autumn show spectacular against the winter skies.