• Competition

    Productive Patch
    Is your veggie patch impressive, something to be proud of, innovative, maybe uses recycled items for display?
  • Photo theme of the month

    A Walk Down Memory Lane
    Reigniting the thrill of visiting an open garden again, smelling the roses, breathing it all in, taking photos in real life!!
  • Kids' corner

    Fruit and vegetable mandalas
    Create your own mandala to print a design using the neat patterns in fruit and vegetables.
  • Instagram Live recording

    Helena Buxton's productive garden
    Helena gave an informative tour of her productive garden in Geelong, using natural soil conditioning, self-seeding and crop rotation for best results
  • Plant of the month

    Crepe Myrtle
    I have showy, long lasting gorgeous summer blooms, with ruffled flowers, rich autumn foliage and attractive winter bark. A joy to have near you!