The Hill Station

105 Mathers Road, Fish Creek 3959

Saturday 21 October, 2017 to
Sunday 22 October, 2017

10.00am - 4.30pm

Entry price $8 (U18 free). Students $5


This two-acre garden, located on a fairly steep site, is 12 years old and is surrounded on all sides by bushland.

The owner calls the garden ‘a carefully planned naturalness’ which exploits a number of ‘ecological niches’ found on such a large property. The palette of plants is quite extensive: there are mass plantings and some handsome specimen plants.

Upon arrival, a sculpture greets visitors, and the main path leads past broad beds filled with paper daisies and kangaroo paws to a large circular stone patio – planted with kangaroo paws and Orthrosanthus – which links to a vine-covered pergola and the house. Tree ferns thrive in the cooler areas near the house.

Narrow paths meander through older plantings that echo the feeling of the bushland and where local xanthorrheas grow. A ‘desert’ area features Ptilotus and other dry, sun-loving plants, while a lovely lily pond edged by a circular wooden boardwalk ends in a little pavilion, beyond which the outlook extends down towards Corner Inlet.

The house and decks on three sides have spectacular views towards the inlet over a gully full of local eucalypts. The area below the house features a pond and circular seating plus mass plantings of kangaroo paws, lomandras and brachyscomes. Broad paths below the house and thickly planted garden beds feature a wide range of native plants Including persoonias, melaleucas and leptospermums. An area with a different microclimate has Tasmanian species like Nothofagus and varieties of Lilly Pilly. Also at the lower level is a large covered vegetable garden and orchard.

It is possible to walk, via marked pathways, through the bushland below the house and garden areas. 

Garden notes are written by the garden owners to describe their garden.
Download and print to bring when you visit the garden.


Garden Notes

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