Our Giving Program

18 August 2021
Our Giving Program

We’re so proud to announce Cultivating Community as one of our new Giving Program recipients.

This wonderful initiative is an organisation that provides food and gardening programs to create healthy communities.

In the words of its founder, Rob Rees:

Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community is an organisation that brings joy to people and communities via their connection with gardens and food. It's an organisation rich in history established 23 years ago and it carries out most of its work within the public housing communities of Melbourne and their surrounding neighbourhoods.  Engaging 34 different cultural groups amongst its plot holders and many more within its Let's Keep Cooking projects, High Rise Bakery and other exciting place-based projects. 


This grant will help Cultivating Community collaborate with Baptcare to bring a group of Asylum seekers and/or refugees together through food.






They will follow the four seasons together, connect via horticulture and growing, and can engage in meaningful volunteering across cultural groups as well as nurture their own personal living box of food to fruition. The ultimate goal - to inspire connection and opportunity via food.


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