OGV Giving Program

15 August 2021
OGV Giving Program

The Kingsville Little Seed Library is just one of our OGV grant recipients from our Giving Program in 2021. 

Kingsville Little Seed Library


We’re so proud to announce The Kingsville Little Seed Library as one of our new Giving Program recipients.

This wonderful initiative is a free community seed library in Kingsville. You just pop by and collect seeds from the library and then donate back when you can.

KLSL accepts all sorts of seeds (fruit, veggies, flowers, ornamentals) and try to always have something seasonal in the box for planting. They are entirely reliant on community donations, so if you have excess seeds or seedlings please think of them.


In the words of its founder, Manon Keown:

“The Kingsville Little Seed Library” sprouted as an idea during Melbourne’s big lockdown in 2020. We thought that the seed library would be an easy way to showcase the goodwill and community spirit in our neighbourhood during a difficult time. We hoped to give the community a central positive focus and reduce some of the access barriers to getting out in the garden.

We run the seed library similarly to a little street library: take what you like and give back when you can. The seed library started out as a little tin with a few seed packets from our own supply. We now have a huge, donated tool chest to hold the seeds, gardening books, worm wee and shelving for seedlings and plants that also get donated. 


Our biggest challenge is keeping the seed stock in season. Most people give their leftover seeds but often it is not the right time of year to plant them. We do a bit of triaging and squirrelling away but we can’t keep up with demand for current season seeds. When someone visits the seed library, we want them to be able to pick up something that they can take home and pop in the ground that day. 


This grant from Open Gardens Victoria will allow us to boost our sporadic community donations with regular seasonal ‘seed drops’. This will mean that there will always be fresh, seasonal seeds in the box; giving our community the best chance at gardening success.”


You can find them at the bee mural in Kingsville 3012, in the laneway between Chirnside / Empress / Chatfield / Webb.

You can learn more about this amazing community project by visiting us on:



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