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Egg Cup Sprouts

Brought to you by Jane Byrne our Kids’ Corner Contributor

I am having fun experimenting with some seeds found in the kitchen pantry. I have been trying to sprout quinoa seeds and soup mix seeds in egg shells. Would you like to try this activity too? 

You will need two eggs, then you can follow my instructions.

  • Take the top of the pointy end off each egg very carefully with a knife, gently tapping it all the way around until it releases.
  • Put a small hole in the bottom of your eggs with a skewer. This will allow the water to drain.
  • I used a felt tip pen to draw some funny faces on my eggs! Whose faces will you draw?
  • Fill your eggs with seed raising mix and sit them in your egg cups.
  • To prepare your quinoa, put it into a glass jar and cover it with water. Cover with a piece of cloth. Soak your seeds for up to 8 hours. Do not soak more than 12 hours. Drain off the water carefully.
  • Sprinkle your quinoa seeds across the top of your soil in one egg and water them in.
  • I’m going to try sprouting some soup mix in my second egg. You can follow the same steps as for the quinoa seeds.
  • It’s fairly cold this time of year so put your “experiment eggs” in a window sill so the sun can keep the soil warm for germination.
  • You could also place your eggs in their cups into a clear plastic bag. This would create a mini greenhouse that would keep the seeds and soil warm to speed up sprouting.

Stay tuned and I will let you know if my experiment worked. Have your seeds sprouted yet? We would love to know!

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