Homesteads and Gardens of the Western District

Thursday 16 November, 2017

8.00am - 6.00pm

This spring Open Gardens Victoria’s coach tour will journey to the Western District to visit three properties all dating to the early settlement of Victoria.

Wooriwyrite, Merrang and Coomete were established during the pastoralist era when some of Australia’s best farmland was set aside for agriculture. Constructed from bluestone, each home is typical of the region and is surrounded by picturesque parkland landscape. One of the great pleasures of a large farm garden is that space is no constraint and each garden enjoys the benefit of large trees that frame distant landscape views.

While Wooriwyrite, Merrang and Coomete share similarities, each garden presents a distinct character. All have undergone recent works to reinvigorate garden beds, including shrubs and floral displays. Within their grounds are a wonderful array of stone walls, out houses and farmyard remnants that date to an era when time moved slowly.

The OGV Spring tour will include a visit to the main rooms of both Wooriwyrite and Merrang where morning tea and lunch will be enjoyed. Local fare and refreshments will be offered at Coomete.

Join OGV for a wonderful day's outing and discover the hidden treasures hidden behind the farm fences of some of Victoria’s oldest pastoral homes.

Garden Notes for each property will be offered to participants on the coach tour.


Departs Federation Square: 8.00 am – Returns 6.00pm

Optional Country Pick-up: Inverleigh 9.30 am

Cost: $195

Please note:
Unfortunately the coach tour is not suitable for people with restricted mobility.
Please dress appropriately for the climate.

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