David's Garden

16 Central Avenue, Footscray

Saturday 21 September, 2019 to
Sunday 22 September, 2019

10.00am - 4.30pm

Entry $8  Students $5  Under 18 free

On a relatively modest 500 square metre block, David has managed to incorporate over 50 fruiting trees, shrubs and vines which produce an incredible array of food for the household.

This collection includes many unusual and interesting species with a focus on growing produce which is not readily found in your ‘typical’ Melbourne green grocer: white sapotes, cherimoya, wampee, cold hardy papaya, various guava and North American grape species.

In order to grow such a wide range of produce in a relatively small plot, David has experimented with techniques such as grafting and espaliering and has incorporated some dwarf varieties in his palette. David has an artist's eye for colour and texture and amongst the edibles is an interesting mix of exotics and sculptures, thoughtfully arranged to provide maximum contrast to the productive plants. David's garden also features a mostly native front garden and a fernery housing a burgeoning collection of orchids, bromeliads, ferns and succulents. Despite its lushness, David's garden uses minimal mains water due to his sensitive and judicious management of mulching, composting and on-site water tanks.

Please note that propagated plants will also be available for sale on the day.

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