Cooking up compost - Workshop

478 Ryrie Street, East Geelong

Saturday 10 July, 2021



Morning 9.30am  - 12 noon
Afternoon 1pm  - 3.30pm


Ticket price: $45


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Back by ever-popular demand is our composting workshop, led by Helena Buxton, where avid gardeners can learn how to improve their soil and their plantations. The positive feedback from the past four years’ workshops has been overwhelming.

The secret to good gardening is good soil and the secret to good soil is compost. Saving kitchen waste and transforming garden refuse is a part of the gardening cycle, and as important as harvesting and food preparation.

In this workshop Helena Buxton gives hands-on insights into creating perfect garden compost to make the most of your household and garden waste and collecting other composting materials. This covers three different ways for making compost: hot compost heap, cool compost bin and worm farming.

The backdrop to the workshops is Helena’s beautiful and productive garden ‘Arundel’ where good composting and soil improvement has turned a drought-stricken garden into a flourishing oasis.

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