Composting at Home

Alambee, Preston (address TBA on booking)

Saturday 16 February, 2019


One of two different workshops at Alambee this day: 12.30pm – 2.00pm

Ticket price $30 which includes printed notes.

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Katrina Forstner is a composting pro – she is not only turning her family's scraps into beautiful soil for food growing, but her neighbours' as well. Through the website ShareWaste, Katrina processes scraps from over 30 households, all on her small Preston block. In this workshop, Katrina will share her compost system and show you the tips and tricks to succeed with compost in your own home. She'll talk through different compost methods, the best materials for compost and common problems.

About Alambee

The Alambee garden has been created as both a productive and pollination paradise in Preston. The garden is full of fruit trees, vegetables, perennial and native flowers and chickens. Over fifteen fruit trees, grapes, berries, and bee-friendly flowers along with bee hotels entice native pollinators in the garden. Find out how this garden thrives as a closed loop system with locally-sourced and donated green waste, integrated managed pest control, and fertiliser courtesy of the backyard chickens. This garden has been part of year-long research undertaken by Melbourne University VEIL urban food project which measured the inputs and outputs of a home garden in the context of a sustainable city food system. Currently, through the ShareWaste app, coffee grounds and kitchen scraps are being weighed with a monthly average of 120kg donated by over 30 local households.

Note: Paved and unpaved paths; not wheelchair or pram accessible.

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