A very special centenary

30 April 2024
A very special centenary

A special opening at Bickleigh Vale Village in Mooroolbark on Sunday 13 October.

Our spring planning is well underway and one of the highlights will be our very special opening at Bickleigh Vale Village in Mooroolbark on Sunday 13 October. The opening is being presented in partnership with the Friends of Edna Walling at Bickleigh Vale Village, to celebrate the centenary of the development of the village by influential landscape designer, Edna Walling. 

The village began when Walling purchased her three-acre property, Sonning. She went on to purchase and develop an 18-acre allotment, which she named Bickleigh Vale, creating one and two-acre blocks and the construction of 16 cottages and gardens. To purchase one of the cottages, prospective owners had to agree to a cottage and garden of Edna's making.

Walling’s vision for Bickleigh Vale was to create a village where houses and gardens related harmoniously with each other as well as with the natural environment. Here, gates in fences allowed access to visit neighbours.

This vision has been kept alive by cottage owners over the decades, and the gardens have grown up around the curved paths and stone walls. The sense of community continues and while the homes have been adapted for modern living, the gardens continue to be some of the finest examples of Walling's ability to achieve harmony between buildings and landscape.

We will be opening eight gardens for this special celebration. More information will be provided in the coming months, including the names of the gardens to be opened, opening times and other activities planned for the day.

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