Vertical gardens competition

A vertical garden can take several forms and is basically any vegetation that exists on a plane other than a flat horizontal surface. It can be as simple as a tier of stacked planters or as intricate as a high-rise wall completely covered in vegetation. The trend has grown over the years particularly where garden spaces are small, and high-rise apartments are popular in urban spaces.

The great thing about vertical gardens is they can exist both indoors and out!

So for the months of October and November, we’re asking you to send in photos of your best vertical growing ideas. We all know that space and light is often at a premium in our backyards, so our judge will be looking for how you've used your creativity to maximise your space, by growing 'up' - whether this be on trellises, arches, arbours, on a shed wall or another vertical surface you've claimed for growing. Bonus points for entries that use sustainable or recycled materials. 

Jian Liu, @melbourne.foodforest creator, garden writer and educator will judge this competition. Jian is a passionate food gardener and has designed a lush backyard ‘foodforest’ in suburban Melbourne. She has filled every inch of her garden with heirloom veggies, fruits, flowers and chickens. Jian is a writer for Organic Gardener Magazine and has been featured on TV on ABC Gardening Australia. She regularly shares tips and tricks on her popular Instagram page and video tutorials on her Youtube channel

The winner will receive a copy of Claire Takac’s gorgeous book: Dreamscapes.
Entries close at 5pm on Tuesday 30th November 2021 – so get your entries in!


- This competition is open to Victorian home gardeners only. Images of gardens designed by professional gardeners, or of commercial or public spaces, may be sent in for us to share online for inspiration. These will not be included in the judging.

- Send high resolution photos (min. 500KB) and preferably horizontal format via email to Do not send images via social media.

- No more than 5 images per entry per person.

- Save each image file name as your family name followed by the competition name. If there is more than 1 image then add the number of each image at the end of the file name to match the description you write (see next condition) e.g. Smith_vertical garden_1.

- Write a short description including how you’re using/displaying your vertical garden/s, and where in Victoria your garden is. If you can include all names of the plants in the image/s supplied. 

- Include the competition name in the ‘subject line’ of your email.

If your garden has already won a competition this year you are free to share new images of a different part of your garden according to the competition theme. While you won’t be included in the judging, you may be recognised as a runner up or given a special mention by the judge.