Video Tours

'Green City' Productive Backyard Series

The popularity of gardening and growing food at home has gone through the roof during the pandemic. If you're after insipration or ideas for growing fresh healthy food from your own backyard, look no further!

As part of our Green City project and with funding from the Lord Mayor's Charitable Trust, OGV teamed up with 3000acres last year to open some seriously productive backyards, and produce a series of virtual tours of the best productive gardens in and around Melbourne.

We hope to continue the project by opening more inspirational productive gardens next year. In the meantime, take your pick from the links below to take a productive backyard tour. Bon appetit...

Tina's Urban Permaculture Garden

When Tina decided to transform her lawn into a productive garden, she looked for a permaculture designer in the South-East to help her imagine what was possible. Through the help of Terry and the organisation Permablitz, Tina now has a thriving food forest and vast productive spaces that allow her to grow food for her family, and support the environment.

Keith & Clare's Rustic Australian Garden

Keith & Clare’s productive garden to the South-East of Melbourne has a beautiful aesthetic using largely recycled materials. The garden not only uses up their 110 square metres of yard, but spills into the apartment complex’s common areas, with food now being grown for residents of the other units.

Kat's Permaculture Paradise: The Plummery

Kat’s garden is an excellent example of how productive a productive garden can be! In 2018, her inner-city permaculture garden produced over 428kg of fresh eggs, herbs, veggies and fruit. She shares how this space strengthens her connection with the environment and has allowed her to develop a deeper respect for the origins of food.

Katrina's Native Bee Garden

Bees! And more bees! Katrina’s garden is a pollinator-friendly paradise. She has five tips on how to turn your space into a native bee-friendly habitat, so take note as the bees could certainly use our help!

Jessamy's Tips for Chooks in the City

Chook expert Jessamy Miller shows off her Northcote productive garden, complete with a mixed flock of chickens. Not only do Jessamy’s chooks provide her family with fresh eggs, they help process kitchen waste and fertilise the garden to grow more veggies. This garden is a perfect demonstration of how well chooks can fit into a relatively small urban backyard.

Guy's Sprawling Eltham Garden

Nestled amongst gumtrees, Guy’s edible garden has a no-kill policy, making for a very happy insect population! Guy leaves it up to nature, believing that he will get his fair share of food. His biophilic approach creates harmony in his garden, an experimental space where he grows a huge variety of fruits and vegetables.

Deborah's Wild Edible Garden

Deborah welcomes us into her beautiful garden in Melbourne’s South-East. It's a space which she feels grounds her to the complex cycles of life, she surrounds herself with a rich tapestry of food, bugs, chickens and flowers, all of which are constantly evolving.

Neighbours Louise and Norma’s Sharing Gardens

Louise and Norma have been longtime neighbours and friends in Melbourne’s South-East where their mutual love of productive gardening brought them closer. They each tend to sprawling fruit and veggie gardens, and share in the harvest together. Norma’s apricot growing skills are unmatched while Louise has an avocado tree and strawberry wall that would be the envy of any Melburnian!