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Northcote (address TBA on booking)

Saturday 19 January, 2019


Please see other opportunities to visit The Plummery below.

Sold Out. Please see link to Plummery workshops on 24 February below and details on web page.

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Kat Lavers is a garden farmer, permaculture designer and facilitator. Her award-winning urban permaculture system, 'The Plummery', is featured in permaculture co-originator David Holmgren's book RetroSuburbia. The 280 square metre block produces almost all the household's herbs, veggies, fruit and eggs (more than 420kg in 2018!) while using only 46 litres of mains water per person and 3.9 kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

When she's not teaching permaculture and organic gardening, Kat designs urban agriculture projects and education programs with local councils and communities, and is a volunteer coordinator of Permablitz Melbourne.

Please note that the following workshops are still available for booking on 24 February:

Two different workshops at The Plummery:

Seed Saving Workshop
Preserving Your Harvest Workshop

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