Royal Talbot Therapeutic Garden with Steven Wells


Tuesday 10 November, 2020

Instagram Live - 'A Walk in the garden' - with Steven Wells

Click here to watch the video tour

Click on the link above to watch the video and join Stephen Read as he chatted with Steven on the tour of his therapeutic gardens at The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew (part of The Austin Hospital). OGV donated $10,000, as part of our Giving Program, to the development of this exciting project 'The viewing garden'. 

Steven has worked at the Austin Hospital for 22 years in varied roles, has a nursing background, works part-time in acquired brain injury, is a horticultural therapist, oversees the grounds and developing new gardens where possible.

The garden space was transformed from a bland garden space to 'The Viewing garden' it is today. Its purpose is for those inside to enjoy looking out. We have taken some inspiration from the book, 'The Little Gardener' by Emily Hughes, to use the beautiful big oversized metal flowers, ‘The Trifids’ standing 1.5 to 2.5 metres tall. Facing in different directions, they increase impact for those in their bedrooms looking out at them. The planting below is fairly muted on purpose, but is still in its infancy.

The old part of the garden, was started 10 years ago with other funding. Developed from a lawn to become three therapy garden rooms, sunny, open sitting zone, dappled shade - patients have choices about where to sit and relax outside. Also a low maintenance garden, with colours, matching colour of flowers with art, provides sensory garden areas for all to enjoy.

Horticultural therapy plays an important role in the recovery of patients, and Steven gives individual one on one sessions with patients to connect with their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

You'll find the full video recordings of all of our past Instagram Live events on our Past Garden Openings page.

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