Photo theme of the month

What Have You Seen while out and about?

We have one more theme of the month for 2020!

Send us images of plants or gardens that you've seen while out and about making the most of our newfound freedom.

Perhaps you’ve visited a public garden and seen a new space? Maybe you’ve just enjoyed wandering around a new neighbourhood and seen something different in a park or on a nature strip... or seen an inspiring home garden that stood out? 

Have kids, grandchildren, nieces/nephews? Give them the camera and get them to capture something from their perspective. The options are plenty and can be fun.

We’d love for you to share your photos with our growing online OGV community!

Email high resolution images (min. 500KB) to any time in December and we’ll share a selection to Instagram and Facebook.

All Cloudhill images including the Tile image are credited to