Photo Theme of the Month

Your 'Happy Place' in the Garden

Each month we ask you to send us photos on a particular theme so that we can share them with fellow garden lovers at a time when they may not be able to get out and see gardens for themselves.

For October we're asking you to send in images of 'Your Happy Place in the Garden'. For most of us gardeners our garden is our happy place, more so as we navigate a path towards 'Covid-normal'....but is there a particular nook in your garden where you feel safe and nurtured? A space where you feel happy just hanging out? 

It could be a place where you like to go sit, and have your morning cup of tea (or early evening cocktail!). Or it could be an entertaining space, a corner of your garden where you sit on the lawn, a balcony garden, even a set of garden stairs. Perhaps it's as simple as a view through a window that touches your heart. We can't wait to see your pictures!

For the more daring, we invite you to send us a pic of yourself in your happy place for us to share with the OGV community at a time we can't easily see each other in person. As you'll see from the images on this page, some of our wonderful contributors have already set the ball rolling!

Email high resolution images (min. 500KB) of your happy place in the garden, with or without you in it, to any time in October and we’ll share the best here, and on Instagram and Facebook.

We're looking forward to our social media filling up with lots of happy people and places. Remember now, gardeners: don't worry, be happy!

Main Image: This contributor shares one of her tranquil spaces to sit and enjoy her garden.
Row 1 Left:
Owner of 'Casa del Sol', Cam Swell meditating in his happy place. He writes, "Meditating on a rock with a concrete stork. It's the last spot to receive the sinking afternoon sun and overlooks the entire garden with a tranquil pond. I am literally in the trees with the birds and the bees and swimming fish just below..."
Row 1 Right: Garden designer Andrew Plymin says "When designing gardens I always ask clients to nominate a place where they’d feel most comfortable sitting. Even with all the design tricks, plants and materials available, finding the happy place can be challenging. In my own space I always come back to this viewpoint."
Row 2 Left: 'In my happy place', courtesy Steven Wells @stevenwellsthegardener
Row 2 Right: From the 1980s Jo Rietze's Surrey Hills garden has provided both solace and inspiration. Jo's husband took this photo in her 'happy place' on a sunny spring afternoon. You can find more of Jo's paintings @joreitzeartist or
Row 3 Left: Says this contributor, "I took this photo this morning of my outlook when having a breakfast cuppa in the garden. It overlooks the backyard I’ve created over the last 20 years. It’s actually hard to find a photo of a particular happy place because anywhere in the garden is my happy place!"  
Row 3 Right: We totally get this contributor when she simply says, 'This is my happy place'!
Row 4 Left: To create this beautiful, expansive 'happy place', our contributor had to convert an old bull paddock.