Photo Theme of the Month

Spring Bud Burst

Each month we ask you to send us photos on a particular theme so that we can share them with fellow garden lovers at a time when they may not be able to get out and see them for themselves.

This month we're asking you to send in images of the "Spring Bud Burst". Let's celebrate rebirth and new growth in our gardens as flower and leaf buds unfurl all around us!

Email high resolution images (minimum 500KB) to any time in September and we’ll share the best to Instagram and Facebook.

Show us how spring's bursting in your garden or neighbourhood!

Here's our pick from the images we have received so far -
Main Image: Cerinthe major 'Purpurescens', commonly known as honeywort
Row 1 Left:
Close-up of the lacy white blossom of the Manchurian Pear, Pyrus ussuriensis, lining the driveway of one of our contributors
Row 1 Right: Gorgeous blossoming Manchurian Pears from the same contributor
Row 2 Left: Shocking pink buds open out into delicate pale blossoms on Malus floribunda, or Japanese flowering crabapple, photo provided by OGV sub-committee member, Kate Catterall 
Row 2 Right: New peach flower bud
Row 3 Left & Right: Lavender 'Javelin' flowers at different stages of opening
Row 4 Left: Magnolia flower bud, still with its winter cap on
Row 4 Right: More advanced flower buds on the same tree
Row 5 Left: Close-up of a white waratah flower unfurling 
Row 5 Right: Potted trumpet daffodils
Row 6 Left: Narcissus bulbocodium, the petticoat daffodil or hoop-petticoat daffodil native to southern and western France
Row 6 Right: Prunus in flower
Row 7 Left: Philotheca or 'wax flower'







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