Photo Theme of the Month

Art in your Garden

Each month we ask you to send us photos on a particular theme so that we can share them with fellow garden lovers at a time when they may not be able to get out and see them for themselves.

This month we’re asking you to send in images of art in your garden. Art in landscapes – whether they be micro-scale, productive, small, large or grand gardens – can be incorporated in myriad possible ways. Sculptures crafted from various materials come to mind...creative gateways, archways, pergolas or entrances. Or you might have sculptured plants or boulders, rocks, stones and pebbles used to special effect. Water as a poetic feature, be it through intimate reflective pools or long landscape vistas, vertical walls, branches crafted into organic shapes – there are just so many diverse ways to integrate art into the gardens.

Email high resolution images (minimum 500KB) any time during August and we’ll share as many as we can to Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to seeing your creativity!

Main Image: Mosaic pieces and large water bowls are a feature in this contributor's garden. She writes, "Having retired 18 months ago, my garden is my inspiration and solace in COVID times. It feeds us, nurtures us and we love sharing it with birds, lizards, frogs, our friends and family and passers by." 

Cameo images:

Top Left: A metal garden ball - made by our contributor's husband - sets off the neighbourhouring kangaroo paw beautifully. 

Top Right: This sculpture was⁠ created in memory of the contributor's friends who lost loved ones and all their possessions in the 2009 bushfires. She writes: "Little did I know that this sculpture would be a second reminder for all the burned bush and animals lost ten years later in the blazes burning along the East Coast of Australia".

Middle Left: A stork is perfectly positioned to go fishing in the garden pond!

Middle Right: Just one of Felicity's chooks. Felicity's garden has featured in previous Plant of the Week segments.



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