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Let’s have fun growing succulents

Growing succulents can be so much fun! It’s a wonderful activity to do in the garden. Friends who are already growing succulents can share cuttings or little “pups” with you. Pups are the little babies that grow around the base of a succulent.

Succulents are so easy to grow. They need very little water to be successful as they are desert plants. They can grow directly in sunlight or in the shade. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Their flowers can be astonishingly beautiful.

I love growing them because you don’t have to grow them just in a pot or in the garden. You can make it as funky and creative as you like. They can be grown in old cups, ceramic shoes, gum boots, bonsai pots, hanging baskets, terracotta pots, old saucepans, I just love to recycle things. They can survive without drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, providing you don’t over water them. You can grow them in a mix of potting mix, sand, pebbles or even sphagnum moss.  They like to be well drained. If you have the opportunity, you can buy ready mixed Cacti & Succulent Mix from your garden store. You can garnish/decorate your pot when you finish planting your succulents with shells, pebbles, beads or small stones.

Some plant suggestions

Red Jelly Beans
Jade Plants
Aloe Vera
Hens and Chicks
Panda Plant
Zebra Haworthia 


Be as creative as you like with your container -

Old pot
Clam shell
Tea Cup
Coffee Cup
Old gum boot
Shells, pebbles,beads, stones.
Soil / Potting Mix or Cacti & Succulent Mix


Have fun and don’t forget to send us a high resolution photo or photos of your creations (minimum image size 500KB) via email to  to


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