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Bulb Lasagna or Layering Bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs for a splash of color in the garden for late winter and spring. They can be planted directly into the ground or in pots. A Bulb Lasagna is a great way of planting bulbs for a long-lasting display of color, and it’s just like making a lasagna, planting the different bulbs in layers.

Different bulbs need to be planted in different depths of soil and different types of bulbs flower at different times.

Bulbs are one of nature’s wonders.  They have the ability to store everything they need to grow inside them. By storing their food, it gives them the energy to grow leaves and flowers.

What is a bulb? They grow underground, storing their food inside them for the whole growing season.

A bulb that pops up every year with blooms is called a perennial.

What you will need for your bulb lasagna….

●     Bulbs of Tulips or Hyacinths

●     Daffodils, Anemone or Grape Hyacinths

●     Crocus or Ranunculi

●     Viola seedlings and a good quality potting mix for container growing

●     Containers/pots or old an old basket

Bottom layer: Tulips or Hyacinths

Middle layer: Daffodils, Anemone or Grape Hyacinths

Top Layer: Snow Drops, Crocus or Miniature Iris

Place some broken pot pieces or pebbles into the bottom of your container to allow for drainage of water. Put a small amount of potting mix into the container. There is a top and bottom to most bulbs. The pointy bit of your bulb points to the sky.

Follow the Bottom, Middle and Top Layer of bulbs of your choice, allowing room for some potting mix between each layer of bulbs.

I have chosen to put some viola seedlings on top of my container of bulbs for some immediate color as the bulbs won’t flower until late winter/early spring. You could also choose miniature cyclamen.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to send in photos of your Bulb Lasagnas to


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