Kids corner - Growing garlic

Growing Garlic??? That’s crazy!!!

Our Kids Corner contributor - Jane Byrne, brings you growing garlic.

We have had a lot of fun growing bulbs lately and now you just have to give growing your own garlic a go. It’s great fun!  Garlic is so tasty and so aromatic.

As a gardener, one of my favorite things to do is to share cuttings, bulbs and seeds with my friends. One of my friends gave me some garlic and it has started to grow green shoots in my warm kitchen, so I’m going to try to grow my own.  

You can plant garlic in autumn in the months of April, May and even June.  Garlic is a bulb and when divided into sections, these are called cloves. I’m told it’s so easy to grow! Carefully divide your garlic bulbs into individual cloves, prepare your soil and if possible, add some fertilizer. Plant the cloves pointy side up to the sky, about 10cm to 15cm apart. Cover them back over with soil. If you don’t have much garden space, you can plant your cloves into well drained potting soil in pots.

My cloves have only taken a week to pop through the soil as they had already started to shoot. We will come back in summer to see how your garlic has grown. It should be ready to lift out of the garden when the foliage turns yellow or starts to die down in summer. I can’t wait!

There are different types of garlic. I also planted some Russian garlic that started to grow many weeks ago. Do you know of any other varieties?

We would love to see some photos of your home grown garlic. We can share them with other children on our social media. Send them to

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