Kids corner - Citrus prints

Our Kids Corner contributor - Jane Byrne, brings you 'Citrus prints'.

Let’s take a look at citrus fruit….

We have talked before about fruit and what makes fruit different from a vegetable.

A fruit will have a seed inside. So yes, cucumbers and pumpkins are a fruit and so are tomatoes. 

There a many types of citrus, some you will recognize very easily and some…… well!!!!!!

There are some weird shapes! See if you can name all of the citrus in the photo. 

Citrus is juicy and has a delightful aromatic fragrance. When cut in half, it displays wonderful geometric shapes called segments or carpels. The outside of the citrus is called rind or peel and this attaches to the yummy edible flesh. You can make some fantastic prints with the inside of citrus fruit, it’s really easy. Let’s have a go!

What you will need

  • Citrus fruit of any kind
  • Acrylic paint or stamp pad (various colours)
  • Paper plate or recycle tray
  • Plain paper



Cut your citrus fruit in half 
Dab off the excess moisture with a piece of paper towel or leave upside down on paper towel so that the excess juice comes out
Gently press your fruit onto acrylic paint on a kitchen sponge or use an ink pad
Gently press your fruit on your clean white paper, creating a print

Don’t forget to send through your images to  We would love to see them.

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