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Let’s Have Fun Making Sensory Nature Wands!

by Jane Byrne

It’s fun collecting seeds, sticks, colorful leaves, shells and using left over or recycled fabric or threads. 

Children’s imagination is limitless and making magic wands or sensory nature wands can take them to a different imaginary place. Finding objects from the natural world can be a wonderful experience. What can you see? What does it make you think of? What does it make you wonder? Asking your child these three questions can lead to exciting discussions.

For children, exploring the world around them is such a valuable learning experience. Touching and seeing is fun but it is also a learning adventure. Experimenting and building on fine motor skills with this activity, such as winding, threading, joining and making knots can be challenging, but is a fundamental part of learning and experiencing new skills.

As a teacher I am finding that a lot of children don’t know how to tie knots or tie their own shoe laces since the introduction of velcro, so practicing or learning to tie knots is a fundamental part of the learning journey. 

Here are some suggestions of what you could use….

  • Seeds
  • Leaves, twigs, branches
  • Colorful sticks
  • Recycled ribbons, threads or wool
  • Shells
  • Feathers


  1. Using twigs or a branch, start winding your threads from the base of the stick upwards. 
  2. As you wind your threads up your stick, use your imagination to add in other natural items, making sure they are secured well.
  3. Once completed you can add to your wand by tying on other natural items such as shells and seed pods.
  4. These gorgeous nature sensory wands also look wonderful grouped together in a vase or any suitable container.

Don’t forget to send in your creations to We love seeing what you’re growing or making.

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