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Let’s make a Bird Feeder

Before we begin we need to remember that, yes, it's OK to feed wild birds in your garden – as long as it's the right food (to quote the ABC). While some bird enthusiasts discourage this, here's a link to an article on the ABC news site about how to be responsible plus some benefits of leaving the right bird food out.

ABC article 


How wonderful is it to see birds come into your garden and feed on nectar, seeds, flowers or fruit. Just seeing them have a flutter in a water bath and the sounds of magpies and wattle birds can be so delightful.

Birds are one of the wonderful groups of creatures that can be beneficial to pollinating your plants and keeping insects under control in the garden.

When feeding birds, we must be mindful not to make them dependent on the food source that we supply. It’s important to encourage good practice.

Put food out at irregular intervals. Keep any grains fresh by storing in an airtight storage container. Mouldy grain can make birds sick. Keep the food that you provide as close as you can to what the bird species would normally eat.

Where should I install my bird feeder and position the water?

  • Keep your water source off the ground.
  • Hang your bird feeder from a branch away from a fence or furniture. It’s important to have them in a safe place so that cats or other predators can’t get to the feeding station or water source.

Clean your bird feeder regularly and provide fresh water every day.  Don’t forget to always wash your hands after cleaning out the feeder or water bath. Keep in mind that different birds need different platforms to perch while eating or drinking. Make sure you put some pebbles in your water bowl so that little birds can get out of the water easily. Now, let’s make a bird feeder!

  • What you will need
  • An old cup and saucer
  • Elastic band
  • Waterproof glue
  • String or wire
  • Bird seed

Put some glue in the middle of your saucer, place the cup on its side onto the glue. Ask an adult to help you put the elastic band around the cup and saucer to secure them both together while the adhesive is drying. It may take a few days for the glue to dry completely.

Tie some string or wire onto the cup handle and fill your feeder with seed.  Suspend your beautiful cup and saucer feeder in a safe place in the garden and watch the birds delight in your wonderful creation.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to send in your photos of your bird feeder to

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