Instagram Live - 3:00pm Saturday 4 July

A Walk in the Garden at Melrose

Join in on our Instagram Live series ‘A Walk in the Garden’, hosted by landscape designer and OGV Committee member Stephen Read from 3:00 - 3:30pm on Saturday 4th July.

Stephen will be interviewing garden designer Deborah Hambleton as she tours her 'wild chic' garden, Melrose in Malmsbury.

Surrounding an 1860s bluestone cottage, this garden is both formal and wild, mingles ornamentals with productive plants, and features recycled materials throughout. This is a great chance to see Melrose if you missed it when it was open in 2019, or simply to see it in a whole new season!

Melrose is featured in Simon Griffths’ book Garden Love, as well as appearing on Gardening Australia and Better Homes and Gardens. The unique pool shed was featured in Simon Griffiths’ Shed publication.

You'll have the opportunity to pose questions to Deborah via the live chat feed in the last 10 minutes of the interview.

Don't miss out - tune in to Instagram at 3:00pm on Saturday 4th July.


Image credits:
Top two photographs by Simon Griffiths.










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