Helena Buxton's productive garden

Tuesday 16 February, 2021

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Welcome to our first Instalive for 2021 - Stephen Read chats with Helena Buxton one of our OGV colleagues, about her productive garden in Geelong.

Six years ago she replaced the lawn with vegetable plots and fruit trees. Starting at her lovely summerhouse made up of recycled windows, Helena walked us around her produce garden which was full of so many tomato varieties, cucumber, beautiful corn and a ‘hedge’ of asparagus with its own micro climate and so it goes on. The mint has taken over and so the bees have happily settled in for the moment. The bees come first.  A no-dig garden is planned below the apple trees, one simultaneously feeding the other.

We talked about F1 hybrids, heritage seed saving, soil conditioning and so much more...

Every season you learn something new!

Cloches by Deborah – find link

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