Graham Garden

22 Rose Street, Bentleigh, Vic 3204

Saturday 9 October, 2021 to
Sunday 10 October, 2021

“Unfortunately due to the extended lockdown in Victoria we’ve postponed our opening at Tugurium this weekend.

We’re busy behind the scenes sorting out logistics and will be in touch with all ticket holders in the coming days.

Thankyou for all your patience.”


10.00am to 4.30pm


$10 Adults/$6 Students   
Under 18 free

Please note  (due to COVID-19 protocols):

  • Tickets must be booked and pre-paid online via TryBooking. Bookings can be made in hourly time slots. Please arrive at your designated time but you are free to enjoy the garden at your leisure.
  • Entry via payment at the gate will be accepted, but prior ticketed bookings will have precedence over pay-at-the-gate, and access will depend on available space in the garden.
  • Sustainable practices are important to OGV, therefore where possible please either print your own garden notes or save them for viewing on your mobile device.

Booking link -  via TryBooking

Garden notes TBA

Postponed pram and stroller icon

This garden is full of plants with paths winding through them offering surprises as you wander.

There are beautiful mature trees such as Silver Birch, Jacaranda, Grapefruit and Crepe Myrtles giving shade, colour, beauty and shape.

Small cleared areas add interest and allow one to view the incredible plantings on show.

Perennials are abundant and add colour and sometimes height.

The number of plants that fill this garden is a tribute to the owner for her skill in placement and design.

Garden Notes

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