Kids Corner - Germinating seeds for Spring

Our Kids Corner contributor - Jane Byrne, brings you 'Germinate seeds for Spring'.

Now is the time to germinate some seed for spring planting in our veggie garden! 

Growing vegetables in the home garden is becoming more and more popular. Seeds are very easy to germinate if you give them the right conditions. All you need is some seeds, germinating soil mix, containers and a warm spot inside or out. Seeds can be purchased at your hardware store or garden centre.

Try some seeds of beetroot, broccoli, carrots or leeks. Lettuce is also very successful and easy to germinate.

What you will need

  • Seeds
  • Seed raising mix
  • Purpose built seed raising tray or recycled plastic bottle
  • Water
  • Icy pole sticks for labels
  • Grey lead pencil
  • Spray bottle
  • Tweezers


Place some seed raising mix into your container. I have used a juice and a soft drink container. Ask an adult to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Make sure you put some holes in the bottom of the bottle so that the water can drain through. 

Sprinkle your seeds over the top of the seed raising mix.

Place the bottle top back onto the bottom of the bottle. You may need to cut some slits so that it fits on.

Place in a warm position. The bottle will act as a glass house and will create a nice warm climate for your seeds.

Keep the soil moist with a spray bottle.

If you have too many seeds that germinate causing overcrowding, you can thin them out with some tweezers.

You can also germinate straight into the veggie patch if you prefer.


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