Competition: Recycling in your Garden

Our competition for July and August is all about recycling in your garden.

There are so many aspects of a garden that can be recycled – the soil, objects/sculptures in the garden, pots for planting, the framing for garden beds, even objects for plants to grow on/up! Perhaps you’ve cultivated your own plants or taken cuttings from a friends or relatives garden to plant!

For the months of July and August, we’re asking you to send in pictures of what you’ve recycled in your garden.

We’re so thrilled to have Steven Wells judge this competition. Some may have attended his garden opening earlier in the year and seen the many and varied ways Steven has incorporated recycling in his garden, or you can check out his Instagram page. Such an inspiration! He was also the recipient of one of our Giving Program grants which helped fund the therapy garden at The Austin Health’s Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne and has appeared on Gardening Australia

Steven will be looking for as many diverse, creative, innovative and fun ways you've recycled items in your garden. It could be projects you've made from recycled building materials, or everyday items you have recycled as quirky planters or everyday items used to make interesting garden art pieces. Let your creativity flow!

At OGV we love recycling and so do Daisy’s, hence the amazing prize for this special winter competition! Thanks to the generosity of Daisy's we can have two prizes! The winner will receive a $350 gift voucher and second prize will be a $150 Daisy's gift voucher. And there are eight Daisy's stores so plenty of options to enjoy the voucher.

Daisy’s Garden Supplies is a family owned & operated landscaping and building supplies business in Victoria, supplying product across commercial, wholesale, trade and retail customers. For over 40 years Daisy’s has developed its business supplying innovative and quality landscape supply solutions to the Industry through its vertically integrated supply chain. Daisy’s operates eight stores across Melbourne and Regional areas including its sophisticated freight and distribution network.

You can find out more about Daisy's via Instagram and Facebook.

For more ideas on recycling from our judge, read this fabulous article by Megan Backhouse at The Age

Follow the conditions of entry below to enter the competition. Entries close at 5pm on Wednesday 31st August 2022 – so get your entries in!


  • This competition is open to Victorian home gardeners only. Images of gardens designed by professional gardeners, or those working in a related industry, may be sent in for us to share online for inspiration. This includes images of commercial or public spaces. These will not be included in the judging.
  • Entries from volunteers for Open Garden Victoria will unfortunately also not be included in the judging.
  • Send high resolution photos (min. 500KB) via email to Do not send images via social media.
  • No more than five images per entry per person.
  • Save each image file name as your family name followed by the competition name. If there is more than 1 image then add the number of each image at the end of the file name to match the description you write (see next condition) e.g. Smith_Terrariums1.
  • Write a short description including how you’re using/displaying your terrarium/s, and where in Victoria your garden is. If you can include all names of the plants in the image/s supplied.
  • Include the competition name in the ‘subject line’ of your email.

If your garden has already won a competition this year you are free to share new images of a different part of your garden according to the competition theme. While you won’t be included in the judging, you may be recognised as a runner up or given a special mention by the judge.