Competition - June and July


Did you know that the very first terrarium was designed in 1842 by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, a botanist, and that theoretically speaking, the entire world is a closed terrarium in and of itself!

Terrariums are fascinating miniature gardens and we can't wait to open this competition to you all.

A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container filled with soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. However, terraria can also be open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. Terraria are often kept as decorative or ornamental items. 

Terrariums are great for people living in small spaces or for those who just love to garden. They are low-maintenance, space-saving and simply beautiful, making them great additions to any home or business. 

If you've never created a terrarium, there's still time! For some great tips on how to get started, check out the fact sheet on the Collectors Corner website."

Jeno Kapitany, co-owner of Paradisia and Collector’s Corner, is this month's judge and has generously donated a $100 gift voucher to the winner. Jeno first started Paradisia with his brothers, Attila and Tom, back in 1980. As demand grew, so did the company and Collector’s Corner opened in 1985. They continue to be leaders in the production of rare and unusual plants as well as providing a haven for collectors and hobby enthusiasts alike. Paradisia is the main supplier of terrariums and terrarium material in Victoria and we are honoured to have him as our judge.

Paradisia nurseries

Collectors Corner


Visit if terrariums are what interest you:

What are terrariums? - worth a read!

***  For the months of June and July, we’re asking you to send in pictures of your ‘Terrariums'. There are so many variables when creating these micro worlds, but our judge will be looking for the use of plants, longevity, creativity, simplicity and whether or not your terrarium has a theme. Follow the conditions of entry below to enter the competition. Entries close at 5pm on Saturday 31 July 2021 – so get your entries in!


This competition is open to Victorian home gardeners only. Images of gardens designed by professional gardeners, or of commercial or public spaces, may be sent in for us to share online for inspiration. These will not be included in the judging.
Send high resolution photos (min. 500KB) via email to Do not send images via social media.
No more than 5 images per entry per person.
Save each image file name as your family name followed by the competition name. If there is more than 1 image then add the number of each image at the end of the file name to match the description you write (see next condition) e.g. Smith_Terrariums1.
Write a short description including how you’re using/displaying your terrarium/s, and where in Victoria your garden is. If you can include all names of the plants in the image/s supplied. 
Include the competition name in the ‘subject line’ of your email.
If your garden has already won a competition this year you are free to share new images of a different part of your garden according to the competition theme. While you won’t be included in the judging, you may be recognised as a runner up or given a special mention by the judge.